Senior Club Award

Senior Club Award: $750.00 to be presented to the winning clubs at the State convention.

Two Awards of $200.00 to:

  1. Clubs with 60 or more members
  2. Clubs with less than 60 members

Criteria: Must have the highest number of activities in the senior club report (due June 1) and must include Achievement Record Book to be brought in for judging at the convention

5 Incentive awards of $70.00 will be given to clubs with:

  1. the most number of new members recruited during the past fiscal year of the convention
  2. the most number of Scholarship offerings to juniors including HS seniors who will major in music.
  3. the highest score in Music Outreach
  4. the best presentation of Achievement Record Book
  5. most NFMC supported program activities

Only one award will be given to any club participating. Winners may not win in the same category consecutively.

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