There are three membership divisions:  Senior, Student/Collegiate, and Junior.

Senior Membership Information

The Senior Division membership is classified as Active or Associate.

 A. Active Membership shall be either organizational or individual

  1. Organizational

B.  Associate Membership

  • Those participating in OFMC-member performing arts groups.
  • Please contact the OFMC State Treasurer, Dr. Gwen Brubaker at for more information.

Student/Collegiate Division Membership Information


  1. Students 19-26 years of age and enrolled in OFMC-member colleges or universities
  2.  Mass Student Enrollment
    a.  Music Departments with 50 or fewer students pay dues of $175
    b.  Music Departments with 51 or more students pay dues of $200
  3.  Students in OFMC-member colleges and universities are eligible to participate in OFMC-sponsored competitions


  • Associate college groups in the 19-26 year age bracket, who do not wish active participation in OFMC business affairs.  
  • Include graduate students, music schools and departments, poetry groups, dance groups, choirs, bands, orchestras, and similar organizations.
  • May become Associate Members through mass enrollment upon payment of dues as determined by OFMC and NFMC.
  • Please contact OFMC Student/Collegiate Advisor Christy Smith at for more information.

Junior Division Membership Information

A.  Membership in the Junior Division of OFMC is open to individuals and organizations whose members are under 19 years of age on the date of the Festival.

B.  Membership is classified as Active, Associate, or Cradle Roll.

C.  Membership may be either Junior Club or Junior Individual.  Click link for appropriate form.

D.  Any member of Junior organizations, such as bands, orchestras, choirs, and choruses may become active members and participate in the business affairs and activities of OFMC.

E.  An individual who is not a member of any federated club may become an individual member upon payment of individual dues of $13 by October 1, $15 from October 2 through November 1, and $18 from November 2 through December 1.  Students will not be eligible to participate in a Festival if the envelope is postmarked after December 1.  

F.  Please contact the Junior Treasurer, Alison Morris at or more information.



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